Susana Travassos presents «My father is a bird»

Susana Travassos presents themes from her latest album, recorded in Buenos Aires, and pays tribute to Fernando Reis, her father

The singer Susana Travassos will perform live on the 18th of June, Saturday, at 21 pm, at the Centro Cultural António Aleixo, in Vila Real de Santo António.

In this concert, Susana Travassos presents themes from her latest album, recorded in Buenos Aires, a project that has already passed through South Korea, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay, where she proposes a journey to her Algarve roots and pays tribute to Fernando Reis, her father, singing themes that permeated life and the love between father and daughter.

And who better than a daughter to help perpetuate that hope, that benign shadow that inspired and inspires your singing and your art? And it is not by chance that the name of his latest CD is called “Pássaro Palavra”, like father, like daughter, believing in the power of words and freedom.

Tickets are on sale at Centro Cultural António Aleixo, on weekdays, from 10 am to 00 pm and from 13 pm to 00 pm (on the day of the show from 14 pm) and at online ticket office


“Fernando Reis, who has just left us, was a romantic. The way he handled this newspaper, believing that the power of words contributed to living intelligence, for the benefit of fair news and independence of thought, made him a remarkable personality. He was diligent in a region of indolence, he was ready in a society of deferral, he was attentive and practical, in the midst of a culture of inertia. For those who believe in the ability to resist in an environment hostile to the media, Fernando Reis was an example of belief in proximity journalism.

How much does the Algarve owe you? How much do we owe Fernando Reis? We cannot say how much because his legacy cannot be measured in numbers. We do know that he adapted Jornal do Algarve to the challenges that the regional press faced at the turn of the millennium, and that he knew how to resist the great digital broom, which takes to the same place the evanescent, both the good and the bad. The arrival, weekly, at our table, of the newspaper of Fernando Reis, wrapped in a tape of used paper, made use of the leftovers, moved. And it will move. You have to be hopeful. The benign shadow of Fernando Reis will inspire those who follow him. We will all disappear, but the furrow we make in the land where we live will be stronger than our photograph. Check out the photograph of Fernando Reis, his cause has a lot to tell”.

Lidia Jorge