Secretary of State for Agriculture opens Lagoa Wine Show

The enclosure opens at 19:00

Rui Martinho, Secretary of State for Agriculture, will participate this Thursday, June 9, from 20 pm, in the opening of the Lagoa Wine Show. 

In addition to wines and gastronomy, this event will be joined by shows by fado singers Sara Correia (9th), Luis Trigacheiro (10th), Sangre Ibérico (11th) and Ana Moura (12th).

On this and two other stages there will be other performances, with Luana Velasquez, Hélder Coelho, Helena Candeias (the 9th), Argentina Freire, Arcílio Silva and Adriana Marques (the 10th), Iza Brito, Teresa Viola, and Pedro Viola (the 11th), Ondina Santos, Luis Manhita and Ana Marques (12th).

The enclosure opens at 19:00.

There are also gastronomic exhibitions and showcooking based on regional products with a featured chef per day.

In wine, the menu includes different regions of the country.