São Brás de Alportel distinguished personalities on the Day of the Council

The municipality's 108th anniversary was also marked by the Children's Day party, exhibitions and a concert by Sara Correia.

Rui Marcelino Viegas, Catarina Neves, Celso Guerreiro Barbosa and Renato dos Santos were some of the people from São Paulo distinguished at the commemorative session of the 108th anniversary of the Municipality of São Brás de Alportel, which took place in the Main Hall of the Chamber, on 1 June.

The municipality awarded 25 insignia with the aim of honoring “São Brasenses by birth or by heart”.


The 108th anniversary of the municipality was also marked with a program that included solemn ceremonies, tributes and recognition of personalities from São Paulo, the Children's Day party, exhibitions and a show that paid tribute to the resident Ukrainian community and Portuguese culture with the concert by Sara Correia.

The ceremony included the awarding of the insignia of merit to two personalities from São Paulo who have distinguished themselves in the area of ​​media: Catarina Neves, journalist for SIC, «with a remarkable career that integrates theater and cinema», and Rui Marcelino Viegas , «unavoidable voice of Rádio Renascença».

The insignia of merit was also awarded to two personalities who were notable in the area of ​​health, posthumous physicians Celso Guerreiro Barbosa and Renato dos Santos.

Celso Barbosa came to the village in 1979 to start working at the Carlos Vasconcelos Porto Sanatorium, where he was responsible for the First Department of Pulmonology in the Algarve and where he worked until the end of his career, part of it as clinical director of the unit, having his career marked for his dedication and struggle for the best treatment conditions for the Algarve in his area of ​​expertise.

Renato dos Santos specialized in General and Family Medicine, which he practiced at the Health Center. He played relevant roles in the institutional and scientific field in more than a dozen Commissions and teams of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve and Alentejo.

He was «a remarkable doctor, with an unparalleled dedication to health».

An active citizen in São Paulo's political life, he is a founding member of the Association for the Defense of the Environment and Cultural Heritage Al-Portel, and, as a result of his passion for History and writing, has already published several historical novels.

Five people from São Paulo also deserved the badge of merit whose professional career has contributed nationally and internationally.

Dora Gago, writer and associate professor of literature, director and deputy director of the Department of Portuguese at the University of Macau, received the badge of merit for the contribution she has made to the promotion of the Portuguese language in various corners of the world. In her speech, she was honored and surprised by the distinction she received and confessed that «there are feelings that come to life when we are far from our homeland».

The insignia of Valor and Altruism was also given to Gilberto Jacinto Rodrigues, «a native of Braga who has dedicated himself to solidarity in the land in which he chose to live, being responsible for the creation and coordination of Cáritas Paroquial de São Brás de Alportel».

Fourteen employees who have completed 25 or more years in the service of the Municipality of São Brás de Alportel and its community, received the insignia of Good Services: Ana Paula Guerreiro, Arlindo Martins, Catarina Cunha, Célia Silva, Ema Pinto, Filipe Gago, Flora Tomé, Luís Martins, Maria Custódia Reis, Maria de Fátima Guerreiro, Maria Margarida Ramos, Nélia Ramos, Paulo Brito and Valdemar Rosário.

In the year of commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the first aerial crossing over the South Atlantic, personalities were also recognized who continued the example of Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho (with roots in São Brás), on land and at sea. Fernando Lopes, TAP's pilot-in-command, with many thousands of miles of long-haul flight over the Atlantic, received the badge of merit for his 41-year aeronautical career.

José Francisco Ventosa, captain of Sea and War, who led naval missions, received the badge of merit for the 43 years he dedicated to the service of the Portuguese Navy and to national defense, which earned him several decorations at national level.

The couple José Passos de Carvalho and Maria Umbelina de Almeida Montalvão Machado Passos de Carvalho received the badge of merit posthumously, in recognition of their «valuable contribution to scientific knowledge».

The São Brás Chamber recalls that José Passos de Carvalho was an unavoidable figure in agronomy, with hundreds of published studies, to whom we owe the reference of the agronomy course for generations and the most complete study on insect species. Maria Umbelina was the first young woman in her homeland to graduate, distinguishing herself in the study of biology.

The ceremony was also marked by the attribution of the name of patron to the new Municipal Field “Afre Lourenço”, a gesture to «honor the past and immortalize for the future» a citizen of São Paulo to whom the History of Football in the village owes. Afre Lourenço was the most active member of the Unidos Pro-Campo Commission, to whom the emergence of Campo Sousa Uva is largely due. 60 years later, the new synthetic municipal stadium that was born next to the previous one receives its name, in form and thanks.

César Correia, a successful businessman in the cork industry, and former international referee, with a remarkable career and a companion in adventures in the first moments of the sport's impetus in the county, had the honor of making known Afre Lourenço as a person, friend and passionate about football.

It was a tribute that had the emotional presence of Afre Lourenço's family, especially his grandson Eduardo Santos.


The new Municipal Field “Afre Lourenço” will be inaugurated on June 10, Portugal's day and the 52nd anniversary of the União Desportiva e Recreativa São-Brasense.