Portimão promotes sessions to hear citizens about the revision of the PDM

First forum took place last Tuesday

The Municipality of Portimão is promoting thematic forums for public consultation with the aim of developing a strategy for the sustainable development of the municipality, having as a point of reference the review process of the PDM – Municipal Master Plan.

The initial forum took place last Tuesday, June 14th, and gathered at the TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão concert café, half a hundred technicians working in the area of ​​urban planning, namely, architects and engineers.

This working session began after the opening of the table by João Gamboa, councilor responsible for Territorial Planning, followed by the presentation of the work guide for the review process of the Portimão PDM, by Ricardo Tomé, director from the Department of Urban Management and Mobility.

According to the Portimão City Council, the meeting “took place dynamically, allowing for active participation in the aforementioned process, from which a set of suggestions emerged to be taken into account in the elaboration of the sustainable development strategy for the municipality”.

On the 28th of June, also at the TEMPO concert café, the second forum will be held, which will take place between 20:45 pm and 23:30 pm and will be open to the population, who, "in this way, will be able to make their contribution to the elaboration of the strategy in question, aiming to point out ways and place in the future the roots of action of the present».

This series of public consultation sessions is promoted by the Municipality of Portimão, «with the aim of stimulating the active and broad participation of local actors, allowing them to share their fears, opportunities, sensitivities and aspirations in relation to the future of the territory and materialize, at the same time, the principles of co-responsibility, co-creation and subsidiarity that the best planning practices recommend».

All sessions require prior registration and are subject to a limited number of registrations. Interested parties should register through the following email addresses: catarina.tristao@cm-portimao.pt; monica.lopes@cm-portimao.pt; or susana.gusmao@cm-portimao.pt and telephone contacts: 282 480 460/456