Messines: Alteatro premieres show based on the work of João de Deus

the 29th of June

The Alteatro premieres this Wednesday, June 29, in Messines, the 33rd production “Cartilha de Flores”, a show based on the work of João de Deus that will also have presentations on the 30th of this month and the 1st of July, at 21:45 pm. 

“Cartilha de Flores” is a show that goes through some of the historic streets of São Bartolomeu de Messines, including the passage through the house where João de Deus was born.

This collective creation seeks to stimulate the spectators sensorially, emotionally and rationally.

«Portugal lived and still lives overshadowed by behaviors and values, culturally and socially accepted, of a discriminatory and sectarian nature. It is urgent to alert, denounce and debate. The humanist work of João de Deus, in the XNUMXth century XIX, analyzes and exposes many of these behaviors that remain impregnated in the social fabric to this day», emphasizes the Alteatro in a statement.

“Cartilha de Flores” is a collective creation, coordinated by Pedro Ramos, interpreted by João Schuler, Lorenzo André, Melanie Salomão, Sara Ferrada and participation by Sónia Botelho and Pedro Ramos.

The capacity is limited to 25 people, the meeting point will be in the churchyard of Messines and the show will start at 21:45.

For more information and reservations, Alteatro can be contacted via email at [email protected] or by calling 962 481 038.

The Alteatro is financed by the Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Arts and supported by the Parish Council of SB Messines.