Students from Quarteira present “We are not Artists” at MAR Shopping

From the students of the Dr.ª Laura Ayres School Group, in Quarteira

During the month of July, MAR Shopping Algarve will host the exhibition “We are not Artists”, by students from the Dr.ª Laura Ayres School Group, in Quarteira. 

The exhibition aims to present 50 pieces of art by young people who are part of a program that aims to promote social inclusion. There will be 50 artworks by students, aged between 15 and 18, which will be featured in the commercial space, from 5 to 21 July, from 10:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m., in the exhibition space – Ground floor – next to Mango.

The works that are part of the exhibition entitled “We are not Artists” are «a personal projection of each student, which gives rise to the transformation of materials into ideas and ideas into art», says MAR Shopping in a statement, adding that «this show has an ecological component that aims to combine the spirit of recycling with the artistic transformation».

Two of the pieces on display were inspired by the singer Dino D´Santiago, who also attended the Dr.ª Laura Ayres School Group, in Quarteira. On a visit to the school, the artist praised the work of the young people, reserving the same pieces, as he intends to acquire them.

«This project comes within the scope of the Integrated Education and Training Program (PIEF) in which its objective is to prevent and combat school dropout/failure, favoring the fulfillment of compulsory education and the school/professional certification of young people who are at risk to compromise their proper development as active and dynamic citizens", says the statement.

Ana Antunes, general director of MAR Shopping Algarve, said that “it makes perfect sense to welcome this type of initiatives that promote the social inclusion of young people, thus giving visibility to their work, which will increase their self-esteem. Therefore, MAR Shopping Algarve will always be the ideal stage to value the best that local schools and associations do».