Lagos has a plan of 1,5 million to support sport in the county

Applications for the Lagos Sports Development Strategic Plan are open

The Lagos Chamber has 1,5 million euros to support sport, money that “will be applied mostly to support federative and associative activity”, announced the municipality.

This amount will also serve to support “the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of sports facilities, as well as funding for events, innovative projects and sports sponsorship”.

Applications for the Lagos Strategic Sports Development Plan, under which support will be granted, run until the end of August, «being open to the participation of clubs and sports associations based in the municipality of Lagos that have regular sports activity».

All information can be found on the Lagos Chamber website.

With regard to multi-annual financial commitments, «the document is now pending consideration and approval by the Municipal Assembly of Lagos».

To support federative and associative activity, 539 thousand euros will be channeled, while financial support for charges with federative fees, monthly fees, transport, technical team, training of technicians and managers, among others, will amount to 267 thousand euros.

«Another crucial aspect for the development of sports is the existence of good physical conditions, especially with regard to the modalities developed in its own facilities», according to the Lagos Chamber.

In this way, there are 300 thousand euros to “support the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of sports facilities and the respective equipment”.

The municipality also maintains “its intention to support the holding of major sporting events or relevant specific activities, providing an amount of 200 thousand euros, and to co-finance the development of innovative projects in the community with 10 thousand euros”.

The amount for sports sponsorship will be 190 euros and «is intended to support athletes and teams that stand out for their merit, performance and results in official federated competitions, both nationally and internationally».

«To these support of a financial nature, there is the provision of municipal transport, essential for participation in competitions, and the provision of logistical support for the activities of the clubs», concludes the Chamber.