Infralobo's Community Gardens are 6 years old

Infralobo currently has 15 community gardens

The Community Gardens of Infralobo, a municipal company in the Municipality of Loulé, were created in 2016 for employees and are now 6 years old. 

These community gardens translate into the free allocation of a plot of land located in the area of ​​the municipal company's shipyards, «with the aim of being places for socializing between colleagues and families, areas of leisure and learning for the Infralobo community» .

In the initial phase, five Community Gardens were created, divided into plots of 30 square meters and equipped
with water points.

Within the scope of the standard for reconciling professional and family life, standard NP 4552, the number of plots was expanded, with currently 15 Community Gardens.

“The goal is a greater union and sense of belonging between employees and the company, thus contributing to the family economy and to a diet more centered on organic products and healthier for our employees”, emphasizes Infralobo in a statement.