There are transport failures that put hemodialysis patients in the Algarve «at risk»

ARS recognizes the shortcomings and explains that it has had difficulty in hiring companies that guarantee transport

There are failures in the transport of hemodialysis patients in the Algarve, which have already forced patients to be forwarded to the Hospital de Faro "in extreme conditions and at risk of life", denounced the Portuguese Association of Renal Insufficient People (APIR).

According to the association, “in addition to the problems with transporting patients to pre-transplant consultations and construction of vascular accesses, failures have recently occurred in the transport of patients with Covid-19 to hemodialysis sessions”.

“Some of these patients had to be referred to the Hospital de Faro, in extreme and life-threatening conditions", assured APIR.

Contacted by Sul Informação, the Algarve Regional Health Administration, whose «passivity» is criticized by the association, revealed that, «as responsible for the transport of hemodialysis patients, it uses the SGTD platform - Patient Transport Management System, to enable the transport of users to hemodialysis sessions».

«Transport companies registered in the SGTD, due to limitations in human resources and means, are not always able to respond to requests made, especially at a time of year when, due to the increase in population, the need for urgent transport in the region increases. On these occasions, ARS Algarve uses transport companies outside the SGTD network, but also authorized/certified to transport patients», added the same entity.

But, “since the transport of patients is done in a group, in the case of positive cases of Covid-19, an individual transport of that user is required. This situation requires certain restrictions in the monitoring of this user, which can generate constraints in services, thus reducing the response capacity of patient transport companies».

On the part of APIR, which says that it has already tried, without success, to speak with the president of ARS Algarve, the guarantee arrives that «the anomalies have been frequent and serious. The continuation of this scenario will inevitably lead to an increased risk of life for these patients”.

The association asks the Regional Health Administration or the Government "to find a quick solution for what is happening with the transport of hemodialysis patients in the Algarve".

ARS only guarantees that this entity is «aware of these constraints» and that «always seeks to respond to all requests from users under these conditions».