There are two Algarve Wine Contests during the Lagoa Wine Show

There is a “playing” contest, but with pedagogical purposes

The Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) will promote two Algarve wine contests during the Lagoa Wine Show, one real… and the other fictitious, for educational purposes.

Thus, the XIV Algarve Wine Competition will take place on the 10th of June, at the Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, where more than 140 wines will be evaluated by 25 judges of recognized experience, with the aim of awarding the Great Medal of Gold, Gold Medals and Silver Medals.

This is an Official Contest organized by CVA, with the support of the Municipality of Lagoa.

On Saturday, the 11th, at 19:30 pm, also part of the Lagoa Wine Show, there will be a fictitious “Algarve Wine Competition”, where participants have the possibility of being the jury.

What will happen on this day? There will be a mini-training on Algarve Wines and a tasting of 6 wines, with the respective tasting sheet. It is, according to CVA, «a unique experience for wine lovers», which will also take place at the Convento de S.José.

As registration is limited to 25 places, anyone who wants to participate must register by clicking here.

Finally, on Sunday, June 12, at 19:30 pm, at the Lagoa Wine Show, the winner with the Great Gold Medal will be revealed, as well as the wines awarded with Gold and Silver.