Gilmário Vemba gives a show in Albufeira, in July

Comedian will be in the Algarve on the 8th of July

Gilmário Vemba will give a show at the Palácio do Centro de Congressos do Algarve, in Albufeira, on the 8th of July.

“Temas” is the latest show by the comedian, who prepares a completely different show every week.

Family, War, Supermarkets, Heroes, Alien Invasions, are some of the themes that will be addressed in the show.

Gilmário Vemba started this tour, lasting one year, on the 13th of May, and it already has 10 sold-out rooms in several cities.

On the 8th of July it's time to visit the Algarve, in a show scheduled for 21:00. Tickets cost €16 and can be purchased here