Parish of Quelfes wins Municipality of the Year award

Parish Union of Faro also received an honorable mention

The Parish of Quelfes was recognized with the Municipality of the Year Award, by the Lisbon Awards Group and support from ECO, with the election of the “Mediterranean Garden” project in the Ecology category and subcategory of Combating Climate Change.

In the third edition of the awards, the Union of Parishes of Faro (Sé and São Pedro) with an Honorable Mention with the Circular Economy project of this Parish Council, in the sub-category Environmental Awareness.

According to the Parish of Quelfes, the “Mediterranean Garden” project is scheduled for completion in November and “seeks to promote the local flora, using native vegetation in order to create a pleasant garden area, with minimal or even no water consumption”. ».

Based on the preciousness of water, the Parish of Quelfes proposed the creation of a dry garden, which «rarely or never is watered», with plants from the Algarve region, adapted to the dry season of summer and which at the same time acts as a an interactive museum with activities to promote Environmental Education.

At the moment, more than 300 species have already been planted and it is expected that in November, when the project is concluded, there will already be about 750 species, «for the enjoyment of residents in the surrounding urban area, the Mediterranean garden presents itself, at the same time, as a leisure space and showcase of the local flora», continues the parish.

In the case of the Union of Parishes of Faro, the Mention took place after, last year, it placed 1st in the Ecofreguesias XXI award, with the best national classification ever.

“This distinction is a source of pride for Faro and for the Farenses. It is the recognition of a strategy for the defense of the environment and the promotion of sustainability that have been implemented by this Parish Council and that gradually has its results in a process of continuous improvement of the quality of life of the citizen and the urban environmental quality, as well as as well as reinforcing environmental awareness, creating skills and tools that allow us to act in terms of behavior change and the adoption of more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices», says the União de Freguesias de Faro in a statement.

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