Dozens of sailboats sail “Aos Bordos P'lo Algarve”

In the last days of July

Dozens of sailboats will participate in the “Aos Bordos P'lo Algarve 2022” regatta at the Marina Yacht Clube de Albufeira, which will take place between the 29th and 31st of July, starting and ending at the Albufeira Marina and stopping at the Lagos Marina.

The event will have participants in the ORC class «for the most competitive», but the class with the largest number of participants is the NHC, «with simple and coastal routes», according to the organization.

«Our mission and purpose is to unite all those who share our love for sailing. (…) We quantify our success by every lover of the sea that we manage to add to our fleet, regardless of whether you are a fan of regattas or just a little outing at the end of the day», illustrated Carlos Urtigueira, president of the Marina Yacht Clube de Albufeira.

The president of the organizing club highlighted the economic return that the event has, guaranteed “by more than 200 people directly, 300 or 400 indirectly”.

These people «come to the Algarve to consume. It is the image of a region that is reinforced, another point on the map that we have built, another force contributing to a better future for all of us».