Central Artes takes “Internal Agents” to Tavira

Inside Agents is a White House production

The project with the community “Internal Agents”, by Ana Borralho and João Galante, will take place between the 13th and 18th of June, at the Álvaro de Campos Municipal Library, in Tavira, within the scope of Central Artes – Cultural Programming in Network.

«In the current moment of crisis and political and financial arrogance that contemporary societies are going through, Internal Agents, serves to rethink our way of living in society», advances the Tavira Chamber.

«With a deeper focus on issues of sustainability and climate change», this piece, a White House production, «wants to give people words to reflect and think about the transformations that today's society is experiencing (in a time that imposes real changes). A question game, with improvised answers, based on the life experience of each participant. Change the world starting (from my family, from my neighbour, from my neighbourhood, from my city, from my country, from my continent) from my world».

The creation of “Internal Agents” «includes non-professional participants, aged between 15 and 80, and continues the research process in order to bring the artistic space closer to the social space», adds the municipality of Tavira.

The play has 10 people on stage and is «a game of questions about sustainability in the broadest sense».

From June 13 to 17, between 18:00 and 21:30, rehearsals will take place with public participation.

To attend, interested parties must register by emailing dcpmuseus@cm-tavira.pt, sending name, age and date of birth, telephone and email contact, profession/occupation, place of residence and text of motivation.

On June 18, at 19:30 pm, the presentation of the aforementioned project will take place.

If interested parties exceed the number of available entries, the selection will be made by the artistic direction of the performance.