Portimão Chamber regrets death of employee in work accident

Arlindo Carriçal worked at the municipality since 1985

Photo: Bárbara Caetano | Sul Informação - File

The Portimão Chamber mourned the death of Arlindo Carriçal, an employee of the Portimão Chamber who died this Monday, June 6, in a work accident at Portimão Arena. 

Arlindo Carriçal was in charge of operations in the Department of Public Works and Equipment Management at the Portimão City Council.

A worker in this municipality since 1985, "Mr Arlindo, as he was respectfully treated by his colleagues, marked his professional career by irreproachable conduct, being unanimously recognized for his affable character, his committed attitude and his availability for work and responsibilities entrusted to it», recalls the Municipality.

“With his tragic departure, our municipal team was irremediably poorer”, he adds.

The Municipality of Portimão also presents its «deepest condolences and expresses its solidarity to family and friends», leaving also «a special thanks and recognition for a lifetime of collaboration and dedication in the fulfillment of its functions at the service of the Municipality of Portimão and of the public cause".