Algarvian Celina Carpinteiro wins Portuguese BTT Marathon Cup (XCM)

Adelino Cruz (BTT Loulé/Elevis), in master 60, and Carlos Brás (Golden Club Cabanas/Núcleo Sporting CP de VRSA), in electric assistance bikes, also won in their categories

Celina Carpinteiro (BTT Loulé/Elevis) won, in the elite category, the 3rd Portuguese BTT Marathon Cup (XCM), which took place this Sunday, the 12th, in Ansião. In men, the winner was Filipe Ramos (Guilhabreu BTT).

The third scoring event for the Portuguese BTT Marathon Cup (XCM) took place in Ansião, in the municipality of Leiria.

In the women's sector of the elite category, Celina Carpinteiro (BTT Loulé/Elevis) was the strongest runner, but Ana Tomás (BTT Seia) was not far away, finishing just 15 seconds from her opponent.

Rita Caetano (Guilhabreu BTT) was third, at 3m37s.

The leader of the Cup remains Ana Tomás, with an advantage of just 10 points for Celina Carpinteiro, who, with today's victory, moved closer to the top of the table.


Riders in the elite male category had to face a total of 108 kilometers, corresponding to three laps of a circuit.

Filipe Ramos (Guilhabreu BTT) was the one who won the victory in this category, crossing the finish line with 4h53m33s of competition. Renato Ferreira (Vasconha BTT Vouzela) was second, 1m34s from the winner, followed by Roberto Ferreira (Guilhabreu BTT), at 2m33s, who follows the Portuguese Cup leader, with 750 points, 130 more than Davide Machado (BTT Seia).

In the veteran categories, Ângela Gonçalves (Korpo Activo/Penacova) and José Oliveira (MonçãoBike/LusoPrint/Bombos S.Sebastião), in master 30, Ismael Graça (Korpo Activo/Penacova), in master 35, Raquel Santos (BTT Seia) and Carlos Rocha (SAERTEX Portugal/Edaetech), in master 40, Hugo Velho (Vasconha BTT Vouzela), in master 45, Ana Oliveira (Korpo Activo/Penacova) and António Passos (Rompe Trilhos/Ajpcar ), in master 50, Fernando Gonçalves (CTM_Vila Pouca/CEPSA Casa Lima Chaves), in master 55, Adelino Cruz (BTT Loulé/Elevis) and in master 60 Manuel Pinto (SAERTEX Portugal/Edaetech).

In the electric assistance bikes, the winners were Anabela Antunes (Ansibikers/Ansião Coração de Sicó), in the female category, and Carlos Brás (Golden Club Cabanas/Núcleo Sporting CP de VRSA), in the male.

In paracycling, Roberto Soares (Discover Melgaço/União Ciclista de Melgaço) won in the C category and Ivo Pereira (Róódinhas/Master Vantagem) in the D category.

The fourth scoring event for the XCM Portuguese Cup will take place on the 10th of July in Vila Nova de Paiva.