Albufeira: Man arrested in flagrante delicto who threatened companion and mother-in-law

Detainee is prohibited from contacting the victim

Nuno Costa|File Photo

A 40-year-old man who threatened his partner and her mother was arrested, in the act, last Sunday, June 19, in Albufeira, by the GNR.

The arrest was made, according to the Territorial Command of Faro of the GNR, «following an occurrence involving an alleged situation of domestic violence, in which the suspect threatened the victim, his 34-year-old companion and her mother».

Upon arriving at the scene, the military found that the aggressor had two jerrycans of gasoline and detained him in the act.

In addition to the jerrycans and a lighter, the GNR seized an air pressure gun.

The detainee was present on Monday, June 20, at the Albufeira Judicial Court, and was prohibited from contacting and approaching the victim's residence, as a coercive measure.