Alcoutim School Group launches video “A Viagem”

Video is now available on the Group's YouTube channel

The School Library team of the Agrupamento de Escolas de Escolas Alcoutim released this Friday, June 24, on the Group's YouTube channel, entitled Biblioteca Escolares de Alcoutim, the video “The Journey”.

This video is the final product of the pedagogical project developed by the 8th grade class, throughout the school year, in partnership with the School Library Team.

«The underlying objective of this project was to promote a taste for travel, arouse interest and curiosity about the subject, leading students to recognize the importance of traveling and, in this way, seeking to broaden their horizons in the future», emphasizes the Group. of Alcoutim in a statement.

The video is also the result of the various tasks carried out throughout the school year: readings of literary and journalistic texts or research that fostered moments of exchange of ideas.

These tasks were the starting point not only for the elaboration of the video script, but also for the interview scripts carried out with travelers.

The project provided students, according to the grouping, “the opportunity to develop skills in areas such as orality, reading and writing, without forgetting fundamental issues such as respect for copyright and technical aspects of videography”.