Research campaign on Crustaceans takes place off the Algarve and Alentejo

This year, planning has been extended to the Floating University of the Eurofleets+ program

The Crustacean trawl research campaign, “Crustaceos2022”, aboard the Research Vessel (NI) “Mário Ruivo”, is taking place from 8 June to 3 July, off the coasts of the Algarve and Alentejo, announced the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

The Crustacean Campaign takes place every year, with a duration of 21 days in June-July, covering the area of ​​the continental slope off the Alentejo (Functional Unit 28) and Algarve (UF 29), following a sampling plan with 76 bottom trawl stations using the shrimp net.

This year the planning was extended to host extra activities, such as the 2nd edition, aboard the NI Mário Ruivo, from Floating University of the Eurofleets+ programme.

According to the IPMA, this campaign is intended to "estimate the abundance, spatial distribution and structure by length of populations of crayfish and white prawns, the main target species in the waters of the Southwest and South of Portugal, as well as other species of crustaceans such as red shrimp, and accompanying species, namely blue whiting, monkfish, megrims, suckling pigs and clockfish'. Additionally, «data are collected for studies of biodiversity and marine litter (DQEM) and environmental data (temperature, salinity, etc…)».


On board the NI Mário Ruivo are 20 crew members, 10 IPMA elements (eight technicians from the PNAB program, one researcher for the project A-Fish-DNA-Scan and a fellow for the ProtectInvad project), two researchers from IPMA partner projects (DeepBaseline e A-Fish-DNA-Scan), a Harvard University student on a summer internship, and four international students under the Floating University from Eurofleets+.

The campaign is part of the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB)/Data Collection, under the responsibility of the IPMA's Division of Modeling and Management of Fisheries Resources (DivRP).