First night of the Wine Show attracted 3000 people to Lagoa

Tonight is the night of Luis Trigacheiro and a lot of fado, even at the window

More than 3.000 people, including national and foreign residents, but also many tourists who got to know some of the best examples of current wine production in the Algarve region, participated yesterday in the first day of the Lagoa Wine Show.

The event is back in the historic center of Lagoa, for four nights of continuous programming, from 19:00 to 24:00, full of good wine, the best music and gastronomy in the Algarve region.

The first day of the event was also marked by the presence of the Secretary of State for Agriculture Rui Martinho, accompanied by the Mayor Luis Encarnação, at the official opening of the Lagoa Wine Show, then visiting the entire venue and paying tribute to the producers, connoisseurs and all how many work in favor of a region and a product that is one of the references of the Municipality.

Sara Correia was the highlight of yesterday on the Grande Reserva Stage and her powerful voice echoed throughout the venue, full of people who had gathered to hear her sing Fado.

In the next few days, Luís Trigacheiro (tonight, June 10th), Sangre Ibérico and representatives of flamenco culture (June 11th) and Ana Moura will also visit this stage for a very special event last night (on Sunday, the 12th) .

In addition to the musical program, which has two dedicated stages and notes of “Fado à Janela”, the Lagoa Wine Show includes wine tastings, gastronomic exhibitions and show cooking based on regional products with a prominent chef per day. .

Ricardo Luz, sub-Chef of the Al Sud restaurant, in Odiáxere, Lagos, was the first to go up to the Premium Stage to present and prove a recipe based on products and traditions of the region.

Followed by Bruno Augusto, Executive Chef of the Tivoli Carvoeiro Restaurant (June 10th), Margarida Vargues, Chef of the Tertúlia Algarvia Restaurant, Faro (11th) and, finally, Nuno Martins, Executive Chef at Numa Restaurante, Portimão (12th).

The event has free entry and whoever enters receives a glass, having to buy tickets to be entitled to the wine tasting. There are also several places to eat and drink, from the traditional “João das Bifanas” steaks, in the municipal market building, to the Gravanita snack bar, off the square, and also stalls with gastronomic offers for all tastes and pockets… and lots of beer...

The Lagoa Wine Show is already one of the most emblematic wine shows in the south of the country, where, along with music, the most renowned producers, from the various wine regions, are present with special emphasis on wines from the Algarve region. An eclectic and particularly inviting storefront, between new releases on the market and the usual references.

The Algarve region is in a phase of growing notoriety in the wine world, arousing the interest of national and international critics and experts, who have deserved recognition through the various distinctions obtained in prestigious national and international competitions.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação