Last night of Wonderland was sold out with too much “caffeine” in the public

Last night of the Academic Week saw a flood of public

Domi, Plutónio and Danni Gato took the stage on the last night of Wonderland, this Saturday, May 7th.

The night started with a long queue at the entrance to the venue and tickets sold out close to midnight, making it impossible for the public to enter quickly. The organization, due to this reason, published a statement appealing to everyone's understanding.

As the first performance, Domi, the godfather of the RUA Stage, cheered up all those present in a euphoric way. After the show, Fábio Zacarias, president of the Academic Association, took the stage to announce the winners of the stalls and thanked the audience for attending this Academic Week.

After the academic shout FRA, the organization of the event took a group photo with the public present, and confetti was thrown to celebrate.

Then the joy and enthusiasm continued with lots of "caffeine" and "lucy lucy" with Plutonio's performance. Danni Gato ended the night on the main stage and in the electronic tent until six in the morning.

Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação