UAlg already has an Inclusive Gender Equality Plan

University wants «with equal opportunities between women and men»

The University of Algarve now has a Inclusive Gender Equality Plan (PI²Gender UAlg), which reinforces the commitment of the Algarve academy «with equal opportunities for women and men» and which aims to «affirm the institution as a place of tolerance, with respect for difference, without barriers».

«Prepared by a working group coordinated by the vice-rector for Internationalization and Sustainable Development, Alexandra Teodósio, this plan follows international guidelines on this matter, namely those prepared by the European Institute for Gender Equality, and aims to promote sustainability through innovation and of inclusion in teaching and research, in a climate of proximity, also involving the community and public and private agents in the Algarve region», according to UAlg.

The PI²Género UAlg «provides a set of actions that aim to integrate the gender dimension into the institutional structure of the UAlg, considering the example from the leaderships, governing bodies and management of the institution, in a perspective of constant evolution, according to the most demanding national standards. and international”.

The plan also aims to “intensify an organizational culture that promotes gender equality and inclusion, considering formal and informal means of communication, active and inclusive practices internally and externally (region)”.

«PI²Género UAlg also aims to promote the articulation of the family life of all workers and students, in the promotion of well-being in a healthy environment. This set of actions also provides for the mitigation of gender imbalances in teaching and research in areas such as Exact Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences, considering the regional, national and international aspects of the UAlg”, added the institution. .

Through this plan, «UAlg aims to reduce gender inequalities in an inclusive, progressive and monitored way, to empower the entire Academy in the area of ​​social, economic and political inclusion, and no one can be privileged, benefited, harmed, deprived of any right. or exempt from any duty due to ancestry, gender, language, territory of origin, ethnicity, religion, political or ideological convictions, education, economic situation, social status or sexual orientation”.