Infraquinta's Energy Management System is already certified

This certification joins others that the Louletana municipal company has been ensuring

Infraquinta has already obtained the Energy Management System (SGE) certification, which it implemented and raised the flag that proves it at a ceremony that took place yesterday, Wednesday, May 25th.

«Infraquinta has implemented and certified its management system based on a set of international normative references, namely, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 45001 (safety and health at work), NP 4552 (conciliation between professional, family and personal life) and the specification of the Water product (ERSAR recommendation nº02/2011), and now in ISO 50001 (energy)», fits the Louletana municipal company that manages the public space of Quinta do Lago.

Obtaining this latest certification «is yet another step on a path that the company has been following for a long time, but which makes it possible to formalize and consolidate this approach and these principles, now in the Energy theme».

"The successful implementation of the SGE is seen in a culture of improving energy performance, which depends on the commitment of all levels of the organization, especially top management", he added.

One of Infraquinta's strategic objectives is to "accelerate the decarbonisation of its activity to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions".