Sports Support Program will support more entities and events in Lagos

Decision was taken at the last Chamber Meeting

The Lagos Chamber will financially support 25 clubs in the county, after a second analysis of applications tothe Municipality's Sports Support Program (PAD).

In the last chamber meeting, the executive from Lacobrigensia decided to participate in the realization of three more relevant sporting events for the municipality and for the modalities, namely the 32nd Lagos International Marathon, organized by the Olímpico Clube de Lagos, the technical training promoted by the Judo Clube de Lagos with award-winning athletes in the World Championship and the Portuguese Cup and the Final Phase of Shooting and Precision in Petanque, the main event of the modality, organized by the Centro de Cultura e Desporto dos Trabalhadores of the Municipality of Lagos, «which will bring city ​​of lacobrigense, the best athletes in the country on the 23rd and 24th of July».

In all, in the current sports season, the PAD has already given support of a total of 194 thousand euros to communities in the municipality.

Another aspect of the PAD is the recognition of the merit and sporting results of athletes and teams.

In this way, the municipality will support five athletes from the Clube de Vela de Lagos who were qualified to participate in the world championship of the laser class, who fill five of the 15 vacancies destined for the participation of Portuguese sailors in this competition.

The municipality has already dedicated, in the current season, 184 thousand euros to sports sponsorship.