Jazz Orchestra gives two concerts to release new album

Concerts take place on the 27th of May and 5th of June

The CD «Liberdades» will be released and, to mark the moment, there will be a concert by the Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve, with free admission, on the 27th of May and 5th of June. 

On the 27th, the concert will take place at Cerca do Convento, in Loulé, at 21:30, and on the 5th of June, at Fonte Férrea de Cachopo, at 19:00.

As a common point, the concerts evoke the «Liberdades», through the voices of the guests Ana Laíns and Cherry.

This was a project launched in April 2021, during one of the pandemic breaks and with the support of Dgartes.

“If the justification for this idea was already strong, in the European context, due to current political trends, and, without a doubt, the invasion and war in Ukraine gave it even more strength. We thus have a mix of Portuguese and international themes, with orchestrations commissioned from arrangers from all over the world, with their musical visions, without, however, distorting each theme. USA, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom and Iceland are some of the origins for songs by Zeca Afonso, Paulo de Carvalho, Manuel Freire, or Bob Marley, John Lennon or Bob Dylan», says Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve in a statement.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Loulé concert can make reservations by calling Cineteatro Louletano (282 400 820). For Cachopo, information can be obtained from the Parish Council, by phone (289 844 112).

In addition to these two events, on the 11th of June, a Quintet will be held at Vale do Lobo Resort, by Ana Rita Inácio.