João Nuno Mergulhão is the new president of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Portimão

New governing bodies have already taken office

The new governing bodies of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Portimão for the triennium 2022/2024, elected on 2 April, have already taken office.

In the act, the chairman of the outgoing General Meeting Board, Tony Melo, took advantage of his intervention to make a brief assessment of the activity of the governing bodies, thanking all those who performed functions and those who are now integrating and starting or maintaining functions in the new team. .

Afterwards, the president-elect of the General Assembly, Álvaro Bila, highlighted the work carried out by the outgoing team, also thanking the Firefighters for the work carried out over the years, on behalf of the citizens, guaranteeing an increasingly rapid and efficient assistance, not only in the municipality of Portimão, but also in the Algarve region.

João Nuno Mergulhão, the new chairman of the Board, in his inauguration speech, thanked all the elements of the outgoing governing bodies, who, over the course of
over the last 12 years, have contributed, with dedication and commitment, to the good functioning of the Association, and to the Command and General Staff, for the dedication of all the elements of the Fire Department.

João Nuno Mergulhão also expressed his confidence for this mandate and for the challenges ahead, in helping the population, in the face of the growth of residents and the opening of economic activities in the post-pandemic.


These are the new corporate bodies for the 2022/2024 triennium:

General Assembly

President – ​​Álvaro Miguel Peixinho Alambre Bila
Vice President – ​​Claúdio José Marreiros Ventura
1st Secretary – Rui Manuel Moreira Rosa
2nd Secretary – Ana Maria Aguiar de Jesus da Costa e Castro


President – ​​João Nuno de Figueiredo Mergulhão
Vice-President – ​​Mário Américo Ferreira Barbosa de Freitas
1st Director Member – Treasurer Maria Celeste Nunes Vilarinho
2nd Director Member – Filipe de Oliveira Pires Cabral
3rd Director Member – Armindo Manuel Sena Pinto da Silva
1st Alternate Director – Daniel João Freire Cartucho
2nd Alternate Director – João Francisco Furtado Trindade
3rd Alternate Director – Maria do Sameiro Alves Lopes
4th Alternate Director – Paula Cristina Barreto Teixeira
5th Alternate Director – Paulo Jorge Boneca Rosa Tavares
6th Alternate Director – Filipe Duarte Lourenço Esteves

Conselho Fiscal

President – ​​Emílio José Vidigal Fazeres
Vice-President – ​​Heliodoro Miguel de Sousa Veiga
Rapporteur Secretary – João Paulo Neves Lagartinho
Substitute – Cremilde Maria Correia Pacheco