The new Ibero-American Artisanal Fisheries Network was born

Quarpesca is one of the 24 organizations that are part of

The new Ibero-American Artisanal Fisheries Network, which will represent more than 20 million fishermen and counts on Quarpesca as one of the associated organizations, was created last Wednesday, May 11th. 

On that day, the protocols of this network were signed, at the Casa da Ibero-América, in Cádiz, with the presence of representatives from several countries and different political authorities, such as the Secretaries of State for Fisheries Alicia Villauriz, from Spain, and Teresa Rabbit from Portugal.

«This pioneering initiative, led by the Organization of Fishermen Producers of Conil (OPP72) and in collaboration with WWF Spain and Soldecocos, was created to become a speaker of artisanal fisheries in international forums and to face the many challenges that the sector has to face. achieve environmentally and socially sustainable fishing», says Quarpesca – Associação dos Armadores de Pesca de Quarteira, in a statement.

More than 24 artisanal fishing organizations from Ibero-America «have come together with the objective of strengthening their institutional capacities, as a 'laboratory' for the exchange of experiences and solutions to the challenges that unite all these communities: the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and the eco-social crisis», he adds.

The Ibero-American Network “will also work on gender policies and make this sector visible to young people, in order to guarantee generational change”, he concludes.