The Algarve Design Meeting dedicated to typography has already started

Entrance to the event is free to the public.


The presentation of the Montra Project in the stores of Baixa de Faro opened, this Monday, the 23rd, the new edition of the Algarve Design Meeting (ADM), whose theme is Typography.

At the inauguration, António Lacerda, director of the Higher School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve (UAlg), responsible for the organization, underlined that the ADM serves to promote design, the city of Faro and the Algarve region.

For his part, Paulo Águas, dean of UAlg, highlighted the opportunity that the project gives students to publicize their works and everything learned during the course.

Davide Alpestana, president of the Associação do Comércio da Baixa de Faro, it was the creator of the Project Window, which involves the decoration of shop windows, this year with motifs linked to the theme of Typography. The fact that Faro having been the place where, in the XNUMXth century, the first book was printed in Portugal, using typography, justifies the choice of theme, explained Alpestana.

There followed a route between Rua de Santo António and Rua D. Francisco Gomes, for the presentation of the eight windows worked by the students of the Communication Design course at UAlg. The stores that participated in this project were Scoon, where the presentations began, Oberon, António Manuel, Relojaria Farense, Ouriversaria Ferreirinha, Flow, Optimax and Ouriversaria Margarido.

The public then walked to the former Fábrica da Cerveja, where they were welcomed with snacks and drinks for the opening party in the Lounge space, to the sound of Jazzualg.

Next to it were the Pop-Up stores, selling second-hand clothes, objects with phrases of typically Portuguese origin, textile jewelry, vintage clothing and decoration, sustainable fashion, beekeeping and ceramics.

In the same place, there were exhibitions with works by artists, such as Wesley Sacardi together with Carla, who showed another perspective of recycled objects (cardboard and paper), Loulé Design Lab, with the incentive to reuse objects that are thrown away (drawers, chairs…), the ISMAT Insideout and the UAlg Communication Design exhibition. There was also the ISMAT performance “Performative Class Designis”.

The party will continue with a vast SCHEDULE which includes exhibitions, performances, Pop-Up stores, Outdoor Cinema, Alumni Talks, Lounge Space, Workshops and Conferences until May 28, when it closes “the doors” with the usual videomapping, at Igreja da Sé, at 22:00 .

The Showcase Project is on display until the 27th of July.

Entrance to the event is free.


Gallery: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação