PS deputies propose that the State Budget include the Central Hospital

Algarve parliamentarians made a proposal to amend the OE

The deputies of the Socialist Party elected by the Algarve presented a proposal to amend the State Budget for 2022, «to move forward with the construction, in this legislature, of the Central and University Hospital of the Algarve».

Jamila Madeira, Jorge Botelho, Luís Graça, Francisco Oliveira and Isabel Guerreiro seek, in this way, to fulfill «the promise of the electoral campaign to make the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve the first legislative initiative as elected parliamentarians», reaffirming that the construction of this health unit is the proposal that the five Algarve parliamentarians consider “the priority of priorities” for the region.

«The new Hospital Central do Algarve was, on the initiative of the Prime Minister, António Costa, enrolled in the Program of the current Government as a commitment for the current legislature and which, as a result of this objective, should have an autonomous article in the Budget of State", defend the socialist deputies elected by the Faro.

The Algarve parliamentarians underline “the broad consensus that exists around the need for this health equipment, whose tender for the award of the Public-Private Partnership for its construction has been suspended since 2011”.