Carla Pontes releases her first original music album in June

The element “sea” is the central poetics of the disc

Photo credits: Dina Rito

The singer Carla Pontes, soprano, will release her first album of original Portuguese music in June. It's called “O Mar em Mim” and includes 12 new songs, after years of projects in the field of classical music.

2022 is the year in which the singer «takes on her narrative of emotions and nostalgia, in a neo-fadista aesthetic, with several hints of “world music” and a contemporary touch with electronic elements. However, the classical instruments are still present mixed together, as is the case of the piano and cello», emphasizes the production of the record.

Challenged by a mutual friend, that it would be the perfect (musical) marriage, singer Carla Pontes and producer Barqueiro «accepted to dive into the journey of exchanging views and sensibilities, starting to explore original material, and go from port to port collecting shells and stars, molding oneself in listening and instinct, in search of the island of inspiration… this is how this route was born, “O Mar em Mim” and its 12 tributaries».

«The element “sea” is the central poetics of the record. The embarkation and disembarkation of stories and destinations, in a sonorous sea that takes us and returns us, curled by the foam of crystalline dreams».

The first single from this album, which gives the album its name, was released on May 20th and can be heard and seen below:

The album will be presented in a live concert at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa, on the 30th of July, at 21:30. They will be on stage with the singer, the musician and producer of the album Barqueiro, as well as Sunita Mamtani and Gonçalo Pescada, who already accompany Carla Pontes in several projects.

This concert will have the support of the Municipality of Lagoa and the cultural association Ideias do Levante.


Photo credits: Dina Rito