AR approves PS proposal for the construction of the Central Hospital, PSD and PCP vigilantes

The Socialists' initiative was approved by the Budget and Finance Committee

This Tuesday, May 24, Parliament unanimously approved a proposal by the Government to ensure, by September of this year, the construction procedure for the Algarve Central Hospital. The PSD guarantees that it will keep “attention” to the process and the PCP has also reacted, saying that, as important as the progress of the work, is the reinforcement of the SNS in the region. 

The Socialists' initiative was approved by the Budget and Finance Committee.

"By the end of the third quarter, the Government will take the necessary steps to ensure the procedure for the construction and equipment of the new building of the Central Hospital of the Algarve, assuming the fastest contractual model for the completion of the work", reads the proposal. .

The objective is to reconcile the “principle of economic and financial viability and sustainability with the criterion of imperative urgency and necessity for the quality of assistance provided to the population of the region”.

In this same Commission, the proposals of the other parties on the Central Hospital of the Algarve were rejected, but both PSD and PCP have already reacted, in notes sent to the press.

The social-democratic deputies elected by the Algarve congratulated themselves on this approval, but also left some messages, recalling that the PS “has been an expert in making promises that later fails, taking refuge in the most varied excuses”.

The PSD gives as an example «the reduction of toll rates on the A22», and, therefore, they say that they will be «watchful as the process evolves to ensure that, this time, the Hospital Central do Algarve is a reality, as soon as possible. ».

The PCP also argues that «the people of the Algarve already have enough experience to understand that, in terms of investments in the Algarve region promised by successive governments, seeing is believing».

As for the commitment to build the Central Hospital, the communists guarantee that "everything they will do so that it does not become another vain promise, nor a business opportunity for a few who already dream of a new Public-Private Partnership like the one that was made to Via do Infante, with the consequences that we all know».

The PCP also recalls that, «in terms of health in the Algarve, as important as the construction of the new Central Hospital, is the reinforcement of primary health care, it is the guarantee that all Algarve people have the right to a family doctor and nurse, is the capacity of the SNS to attract and retain professionals, to guarantee consultations, exams, surgeries for the population».

The construction of the Hospital Central do Algarve was, moreover, the main banner of the PS campaign, in the region, in the recent Legislative Elections.