8th anniversary of the Clube dos Veículos Clássicos do Barlavento was a

The 8th anniversary was marked by live music, hundreds of people and around 250 cars


A 1967 Ford Mustang, a 1957 Cadillac Coupe Deville, or a 1971 Volkswagen Streetmachine. old bombs which were present on the 1st of May, at the 8th anniversary of the Clube dos Veículos Clássicos do Barlavento, in Armação de Pêra.

Every first Sunday of each month, the Monthly Meeting of Classic Vehicles is held in Armação de Pêra and, in May, it was no exception. This time it was special, as it marked the 8th anniversary of the club that promotes the event.

The initiative had 250 cars parked throughout the area since the old mini-golf course. To liven up the party, there was music with Madalena Roque and Steve&Heather. There was also no shortage of food and drinks and the traditional birthday cake.



The event was attended by cars such as: Rolls Royce, Excalibur, 1982, Ford Mustang, 1967, Morris Ten, Renault 11 Turbo, Nissan Bluebird, Escort Xr3i, Westfield, Ford Capri, 1972, Ford Mustang, 1966 , Volkswagen Streetmachine, 1971, Ford Escort, Alfa Romeo Pininfarina, 1998, Morris Mini 1000, and the return of the “star” of the previous edition: the Cadillac Coupe Deville of 1957.

Hundreds of people went to peek at the machines or join the party.

“I started coming from the first meeting, eight years ago, with my family. Since then, I've been coming to all the editions with my uncle, who is passionate about classics. I followed that passion. I really like this event, because it brings people closer to the land and attracts others from outside, an important fact for Armação de Pêra, to create cultural dynamism in the village in the non-summer months”, said Gonçalo Sofrino, visitor to the event.

«The Fiat Coupe 175 I've had it for almost seven years. It was a car I wanted to have since I was little and I managed to buy it. It's a 1998 car, rare, as only about 72 units of this model were made. The Fiat Panda, from 1990, I've been trying to buy it for 5 years, and now I managed to do it”, explains Miguel Silva, a participant in the event.

Vítor Simões, better known as TóZé, also told the story of his car: «This Ford is from 1929, being a car that, in the beginning, Vila Vita bought. I was at school and saw the car in the Chalet's garage. I started to want the car, but they didn't want to sell it to me. The owner asked for 500 contos for the Ford. It was difficult, but I bought it, and it took me about 10 years to restore it»

Vítor Simões also tells how he started to participate in the event. «The one who started this event was me, Sérgio and Rogério. The initiative started because I had around 30 old cars, including a Porsche. I have several cars and we started in my bakery to arrange the event. We had our first date eight years ago with my cars and another one from the neighbor, which I went to pick up. Since then, the number of vehicles has been increasing”, he added.


Vítor Simões, better known as TóZé, with his 1929 Ford


Zé Carlos tells the Sul Informação who got yours derby Renault Turbo 5p, model 11, from 1987, through a salesman in Braga, nine years ago. He is currently a member of the classic car club for at least five years.

On the other hand, the Cadillac “star” of 1957 also has a history and is full of adventures in the good way of a movie. The owner of this vehicle, English, says that the car would have been stolen by the Kray brothers, British gangsters, who became known for their armed robberies and murders, in London, and who were eventually arrested in 1968. The current owner managed to buy him to the girlfriend of one of these brothers, around the 2000s.



Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação