Terras do Infante concludes Forest Defense Against Fire action

In Lagos, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo

Around 780 hectares of land integrated in the Primary Network for the Defense of the Forest against Fires in the municipalities of Lagos, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, were the subject of a recently completed cleaning and maintenance contract.

In the municipality of Aljezur, in another undertaking, “three more sections were created to be included in the Primary Network, totaling about 200 hectares”, according to the Association of Municipalities of Terras do Infante.

The works were financed by IFAP, through applications submitted to the PDR 2020, «with the aim of creating safety conditions, namely, cleaning, maintenance, deforestation, forestry work, creation of forest discontinuities, capable of creating “windows of opportunity” ” in the fight against forest/rural fires, work included in the National Strategy for the Prevention of Forest Fires”.

During the months of May and June, several program contracts will also be executed with Clubs and Associations of Hunters of the three municipalities, which will allow the cleaning of over 300 hectares, as well as the ordering and regulation of good hunting practices.