Theater unites Portugal and Argentina in Largo do Carmo, in Faro

The shows, previously postponed by the pandemic, start at the beginning of the month, in Faro

Teatro de Vizinhes with the show “Sai da Frente”

The community theater groups Teatro de Vizinhes, from Faro, and Matemurga, from Buenos Aires, will perform at Largo do Carmo, in the Algarve capital, on the 9th of April, at 21:00.

On the 9th, the Matemurga company presents its show “Herrido Barrio” or Vizinhança Ferida, a popular theater show, staged by Edith Scher, «which tells stories of the residents of Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, and reflects on the changes that have taken place. in the neighborhood over time. The show is performed by more than 30 actors», according to the organizers of the event.



Then the Teatro de Vizinhes group, a comedy «performed by neighbors and for neighbors», presents “Sai da Frente”, staged by Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo, musical coordination by Ilda Nogueira, which reveals the day to day of a Algarve community that is prevented from reaching Praia de Faro, in the height of summer.

This meeting is the culmination of a community theater project, started before the pandemic, which emerged from an invitation from Teatro das Figuras and the Municipality of Faro Edith Scher and the “Janela Aberta Teatro” (JAT).

The project included the sharing of experiences and knowledge and the presentation of a show. The pandemic postponed this meeting.

«This experience of collective and community creation was so strong and positive that we all decided to continue and solidify the project and form a permanent Community Theater Group in the city. Thus, the Teatro de Vizinhes group was born with the guidance of the JAT Collective. Two years after the beginning of the project, the long-awaited meeting is finally a reality, with the presence of Edith Scher and the 'Matermurga'», says the theater group.

Teatro de Vizinhes is a space for meeting, playing through theatre, sharing experiences and knowledge, and its purpose is to create original plays, in which it already has several performances held in the municipality of Faro.

«The project is open to all those who want to participate and develop artistically», adds the theater group.

The shows are free of charge.