Six winning projects of the Participatory Budget «enrich» the municipality of Faro

This year's Participatory Budget has 180 thousand euros

Photo: Mariana Carriço|Sul Informação

Historic Trees of Estoi, Rehabilitation of Praça Hélder de Azevedo (Gambelas), Faro+Verde+Limpa, Improving the Accessibility of Rua de Berlin and Surroundings, Pedestrian Paths and the Church's Children's and Leisure Park are the six winning projects of the Participatory Budget (OP) 2021/22 of the Municipality of Faro.

The presentation of the winning proposals was made this Wednesday, April 27, in the afternoon, in a ceremony that took place in the Main Hall of the Municipality of Faro, and in which Rogério Bacalhau, president of the autarchy, began by thanking the community for participating in the elaboration of these projects and also the 654 people who voted and allowed the winners to be chosen.

As part of the nominations, the Municipality of Faro thus, this year, it allocated 180 thousand euros to the PB – these being distributed among the six winners, with 30 thousand euros for each of them.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the projects in the competition and also the proponents of two of the winning projects of the 1st edition of the PB (Group 166 – Montenegro of the Scout Association of Portugal and Escola do Ser).

After the presentation of the projects in progress referring to the last edition, this year's winners were invited to receive the award and also had the opportunity to explain the essence of each initiative.

The most voted proposal, with 161 votes, was the requalification project of the Church's Children's and Leisure Park, in the parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe.

In second place was the improvement of pedestrian routes, also in the parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe, a project conceived by Osvaldo Francisco Apolo Serro, with 139 votes.

With 110 votes, the third place was occupied by the project of Improvement of the Accessibility of the Street of Berlin, proposed by Emília Creus Moreira dos Santos.

The project "Faro+Green+Clean”, which intends to rehabilitate the city's gardens, with 82 votes, the rehabilitation of the Hélder de Azevedo square, in Gambelas, with 78 votes, and the development of a study for the classification of historic trees in Estoi, which also involves the creation of a pedestrian path and an interpretive center, with 54 votes, were the other winning projects.


The second edition of the PB also included the allocation of 10 thousand euros to schools in the municipality, to meet the needs identified by students in educational establishments.

At the end of the ceremony, Rogério Bacalhau reiterated the thanks for the participation of the citizens.

«As you can see, here are two examples of last year's projects that are in good development with the application of public funds. Next year we will certainly have new projects to enrich our county and this is only possible because all of you participated and took the trouble to present these projects», concluded the Mayor of Faro.


The Participatory Budget is, according to the municipality, a mechanism of participatory democracy, which gives citizens the power to decide how funds from public budgets should be invested.

To participate, through proposals or voting, citizens must be 18 years of age or older, and reside, work or study in the municipality of Faro.


Photos: Mariana Carriço |Sul Informação