MAR Shopping Algarve invites visitors to experience a relaxation ritual

Jing's Ancestral Ritual will be available this weekend, between 11 am and 00 pm

The MAR Shopping Algarve shopping center continues to provide free health and relaxation screenings every month and, this weekend, on April 30th and May 1st, between 11:00 am and 19:00 pm, the shopping center invites visitors to experience the ancestral ritual of Jing, for greater relaxation and better sleep.

The objective is to “raise awareness in the communities in which they are inserted to the importance of early detection of health indicators that require medical follow-up, as well as advising on good practices in matters of health and well-being”.

In a note sent to the editorial staff, MAR Shopping Algarve states that «Rituals is inspired by the ancestral Chinese concept Jing, which represents calm, stillness and tranquility» and aims to make participants «enjoy a refuge and achieve deep relaxation and restful sleep with meaningful routines».

At MAR Shopping Algarve, visitors will be able to access the initiative next to the HPA Pharmacy and Clinic (floor 0).