LAC holds exhibitions in Faro, Lisbon and Porto between April and June

Group exhibition PRALAC + Collection at Associação 289 was inaugurated on April 16, in Faro

The LAC (Creative Activities Laboratory), based in Lagos, inaugurated the collective exhibition PRALAC + Acervo at Association 289, in Faro, on the 16th of April, and between April and June, it will also hold exhibitions in Lisbon and Porto. 

These exhibitions aim to publicize the Artists included in the residency program (PRALAC) and to make known part of the collection that the Association has and which results from several projects that it develops such as: «ARTURb, an Urban Art project that has brought to Lagos /Portugal some of the most representative national and international artists in this area; ROOTS, a project that addresses the theme of classic and contemporary slavery with works by artists from countries touched by this theme and PINHOLE, a large-scale photography project that features records of the most emblematic monuments from north to south of the country».

According to LAC, these exhibitions, designed specifically for each city, will feature works from areas as diverse as photography, sculpture, painting and multimedia installation by artists such as Abraão Vicente (Cape Verde), Add Fuel (Portugal), António Bokel (Brazil), Czarnobyl (Poland), Délio Jasse (Angola), Gonçalo MAR (Portugal), Jorge Dias (Mozambique), Kruella D'Enfer (Portugal), Tamara Alves (Portugal) and Xana (Portugal).

Em Faro, the exhibition will be open from Thursday to Sunday, from 15pm to 19pm, until the 15th of May.

With this cycle of exhibitions, LAC seeks to «promote its activity and artists in the country's large urban centers, breaking with the peripheral situation of Lagos, affirming the contemporaneity and quality of the work it develops».