Impact of the requalification of the EN2 between São Brás and the A22 is under public consultation

Two new sections of 500 and 400 meters will be built, between São Brás and Machados

The requalification work on the EN2 between São Brás de Alportel and the connection to the A22 will have “negative impacts”, but is “environmentally viable”, according to the non-technical summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment of this intervention, which is being in public consultation until the 18th of May, on the Participa.

The study's conclusions point to negative consequences «for biodiversity, heritage, land use planning» and «conditions for land use, landscape, social component and land uses (with special emphasis on the construction phase)».

Even so, the authors of the study conclude that the «project under analysis is environmentally viable and has the potential to have several positive impacts», including «improvement of accessibility, circulation and safety conditions», as well as «shortening of /distance in the connection to the A22 and consequently to the structuring road network in the Algarve region».

The fact that this project uses, almost entirely, the existing route of the EN2, although with improvements and enlargement in some areas, contributes, in the opinion of those responsible for the evaluation, so that the impacts of the work are smaller.

Like Sul Informação I already realized, the project is developed, along almost its entire length, on the current route of the EN2 and foresees the creation of nine roundabouts, two new sections and three slow-moving lanes, which will allow overtaking.

In documents made available for public consultation, namely in the drawn pieces, it is possible to notice that the project foresees the creation of new sections, one of them of about half a kilometer next to the village of Calçadinha, starting at a new roundabout less than 200 meters from the one that connects the EN2 and the N270 that gives access to Loulé and Tavira, at the entrance to São Brás de Alportel: kilometer zero of the intervention.

A few hundred meters further on, for those who “go down” towards Faro, begins the second new section, 400 meters long, which ends at another new roundabout, located in the Gaifona area.

Between these two new roundabouts, the route of about one kilometer includes an area designed for slow-moving traffic, with two lanes towards Faro-São Brás and only one in the opposite direction.

The project also foresees the creation of roundabouts at the entrance and exit of Machados.

The other two lanes for slow moving are located after this location, one about one kilometer long, with two lanes towards São Brás-Faro, and another, contiguous, of about 800 meters, with two lanes in the opposite direction.

Also noteworthy are the roundabouts that will be created at the intersection that gives access to Bordeira and the Coiro da Burra area, at the intersection that gives access to Estoi and the Mercado Abastecedor de Faro.