Ukraine: Municipality of Portimão is ready to welcome new arrivals

Emergency humanitarian reception for families, food collection, integration of children and adults

“Portimão supports Ukraine” is the work team that is already on the ground, to welcome refugees from the war in that country who come to this county.

The team is made up of officials from the municipality, parish councils, representatives of regional entities, private institutions of social and religious solidarity and other members of the Social Emergency Network, as well as the Ukrainian community, through CAPELA- Center for Support to the Population of Leste e Amigos, in conjunction with the High Commissioner for Migration and the Secretary of State for Integration and Migration.

Created to «ensure the articulation of needs and activation of all means for the best reception and integration of the displaced from Ukraine who arrive in Portimão these days», this team guarantees «support at different levels, from documentary support, emergency reception, food and clothing, health care, identification of work opportunities, integration of children in municipal educational establishments and leisure activities».

It is the result of the «union of efforts between various entities and institutions of the municipality, the collaboration of volunteers and the involvement of the population that since the beginning has been demonstrating their solidarity spirit», explains the Municipality.



CLAIM Portimão is the gateway to welcoming new arrivals

The Portimão City Council is providing all the information and support in the process of welcoming and integrating Ukrainian migrants through CLAIM – Local Support Center for the Integration of Migrants, which is seen as «a gateway to welcome and integrate the displaced Ukrainians in Portimão».

With face-to-face service from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm and from 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm, or by calling 282 470 783 or email [email protected], the most urgent needs are diagnosed and information and support in various areas for displaced citizens, as well as ensuring their legalization through the simplified procedure in force, in articulation with the SEF - Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras.

Collection of essential goods destined for Ukraine, until tomorrow, Sunday

In recent days, at the Portimão Fire Station, a collection of essential goods to support the Ukrainian people has been concentrated, which, thanks to the generosity and solidarity of the Portimão population, has already gathered 30 pallets that are ready to go to the Ukrainian border. next Monday.

Until 18 pm this Sunday, March 00, it will still be possible to receive the following goods: warm clothing; blankets and blankets; medicines for children and adults: paracetamol, cough syrup; compresses; Betadine; Canned; cereals; porridge (baby); powdered milk; cookies; baby wipes; diapers; personal hygiene products; brushes and combs for children and adults.

This will be the first major transport action organized by the municipality for the Ukrainian people, and “depending on the evolution of the situation, a new request for collection of donations to reinforce this aid may be made public”.


Emergency care and special attention to children

The social emergency network is working across the board and in a concerted way to guarantee emergency reception to Ukrainian families arriving in Portimão and provide support in terms of accommodation and essential goods for the daily lives of these families.

So far, Portimão has received 266 Ukrainian citizens registered by the SEF, the overwhelming majority of whom are women and children.

In this first phase of emergency reception, the Municipality of Portimão immediately made rooms available in an accommodation unit and finalized another local accommodation unit, which was unoccupied and with a capacity of 100 beds, to accommodate Ukrainian families who arrive in the municipality in the next times.

Young people and school-age children are in the process of being integrated into the municipality's schools, benefiting from the support of social intervention teams.

All educational, food and psychosocial support is being provided to families and displaced children, with the latter, of school age, being prepared to attend school establishments, accompanied by the municipality's social intervention teams.

These boys and girls are also welcomed by Ukrainian children who already lived in Portimão and who will now assume the important role of “tutors” for those who arrive as displaced persons.

On the other hand, the association A Capela, in close collaboration with the municipality and the Parish Council of Portimão, is preparing a welcoming space for younger children, to occupy their free time and to support mothers, with various activities. recreational and recreational activities, as well as Portuguese language learning classes.

Aiming to broaden the number of possible answers to the level of accommodation available in the municipality, and intending to understand the availability of host families, the municipality will launch, next week, a questionnaire addressed to those who are interested and have the means to voluntarily and free of charge Ukrainian families. in their rooms.

The Portimão Chamber concludes that «this wide-ranging humanitarian support mission underway in Portimão is the result of networking carried out in conjunction with the Portimão Local Council for Social Action and a generous network of volunteers».