Silves is protecting its forest from fires

In Monte da Corcha, in the National Forest of Herdade da Parra and in the Herdade de São Bom Homem

Preventing forest fires is the objective of carrying out a section of the primary network of fuel management strips in the Monte da Corcha area and of pruning and pruning trees in the Mata Nacional da Herdade da Parra and in the Herdade de São Bom Homem, in the municipality of Silves, which are ongoing.

The Civil Protection and Forestry Service (SPCF) of the Municipality of Silves is carrying out this intervention, which «together with other interventions by external and private entities, will allow the establishment of an important area of ​​discontinuity with approximately 5 kilometers in length and more than 1000 hectares of intervention area, between the Açor forest road – located to the east (next to the Arade dam) – and the Municipal Road 502, to the west”, according to the municipality.

10 operatives from the Sapadores Florestais teams of the municipality and the Parish Council of SB Messines are involved in this operation, as well as «manual motorcycle equipment, crawler robot with hammer crusher and heavy machinery, thus allowing to speed up this process and free the teams for other work to defend the forest against fires in good time»

The fuel management strips «have the function of reducing the area covered by large fires and their effects, allowing and facilitating fire fighting and passively protecting communication routes, infrastructure and social equipment, built areas and formations forestry and agriculture of special value. These strips also fulfill the function of isolating potential sources of ignition of fires».