Almost 700 projects from the Algarve with applications approved at MAR2020

This number corresponds to more than 12% of the applications submitted at national level.

The execution data of the MAR2020 program reveals that the applications approved, executed or running in the Algarve, to date, are close to seven hundred, which is equivalent to an investment of 80 million euros and public support of 60 million.

This number corresponds to more than 12% of the applications submitted at national level, representing amounts of investment and public expenditure of the same order of magnitude.

In terms of priority Axes, on which MAR2020 is structured, Axis 2 measures, associated with aquaculture, are the most represented in the region, corresponding to more than 40% of investment, in regional terms.

These investments originate in more than a thousand structures in the region, mainly located in the intertidal zones (Ria Formosa and Alvor), and dedicated to the production of bivalves, to which are added the offshore aquaculture production units licensed between Sagres and Vila Real. of San Antonio.

Originating in the field of fishing activity, corresponding to Priority Axis 1, we have the largest number of applications submitted (about 60% of applications in the region).

These applications are distributed by different measures, such as investments on board or compensation for temporary cessations (including those resulting from COVID 19).

The initiative for these applications comes from the universe of 853 fishing vessels registered in the captaincies of the region, especially those dedicated to coastal fishing.

This Axis 1 also includes investments in fishing ports, landing sites in shelters and auctions.

Axes 4 and 5 reflect the activity of the Barlavento and Sotavento Coastal Action Groups, and investments in the marketing and processing of fisheries and aquaculture products, respectively.