New tourist brand of the Eurocity of Guadiana presented at BTL

On Wednesday

Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim will present the new tourist brand of the Eurocity of Guadiana, called “A Fronteira Líquida”, at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL), which will take place from Wednesday, the 16th, until Sunday, the 20th, at the Lisbon International Fair, in Parque das Nações.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, March 16, at 11:15 am, in the event area of ​​the Turismo do Algarve stand (pavilion 1), «and follows up on the homologous presentation already held at the Madrid International Tourism Fair».

In addition to the municipalities of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, representatives of Ayamonte will also be present.

The brand “A Fronteira Líquida” was created within the scope of the EuroGuadiana 2020 project (POCTEP – Interreg 2014-2020) and «appeals not only to the natural and scenic qualities of the territory, but also to its cultural heritage and the wide range of leisure activities », according to the VRSA Chamber.

«The image shared by the municipalities located around the mouth of the Guadiana bets on the union of the tourist resources of the three villages that serve as a link between the regions of Andalusia and the Algarve, offering the best of each one of them», he added.

“The Liquid Border” also adds “the main marks of identity of a territory that is assumed to have the oldest border delimitation in Europe, but which also serves as a bridge for coexistence and territorial cohesion”.