Municipality of Lagos discloses solidarity actions with Ukraine

In close relationship with the Association of Ukrainians in the Algarve

Collection of goods, mediation for the reception of refugees, appeal to volunteers who can help in the process of integration of these refugees. These have been, in short, the initiatives that the Lagos Chamber has supported, following the “humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine”.

Working closely with the Association of Ukrainians in the Algarve, the municipality has been coordinating, since the beginning, a campaign to raise urgent and necessary goods for refugees, namely in terms of non-perishable food products, milk and medication.

These goods are transported to the countries bordering Ukraine to support these families.

The collection of goods is taking place at the Parish Councils of the municipality (working days, 9:00-16:30) and at the Lagos Volunteer Fire Department (daily, 18:00-20:00). The school community of the municipality's groupings is also collaborating in this cause.

The municipality is also mediating for the reception of refugees, namely through the provision of a form so that those who are more supportive who are able to temporarily accommodate them in a room, house or apartment can do so more quickly.

O form is available here, being able to call the number 965 989 776 for questions or information.

The Municipality of Lagos, meanwhile, launched a new appeal for volunteers who can help in the process of integrating these refugees into the Portuguese community, namely people with knowledge of the Ukrainian language who are available to guide and mediate the new arrivals from Ukraine. Whoever has this availability must fill in the form available here.

Through the IEFP, the “Portugal for Ukraine” initiative is also underway, by the Portuguese Government, which aims to support Ukrainian citizens who, for reasons of armed conflict and humanitarian reasons, intend to reside in Portugal.

A form was made available so that Portuguese companies can mobilize and make available to welcome and hire these citizens, which is available here.