Mariana Marques is the new president of JSD/Portimão

Alexandre Poço, National President of JSD, was present

Mariana Marques, an Economics student at the University of Algarve (UAlg), was elected last Saturday, March 5th, as president of JSD/Portimão. 

For Mariana Marques, «our mission is clear, but demanding».

«It involves defining and implementing an action plan capable of combating the needs and aspirations of young people, transforming Portimão into a municipality of reference in Youth Policies, thus contributing to the development of the county», he adds.

Joana Lopes, a 19-year-old law student at the University of Lisbon, was also elected as president of the Board of the Plenary Concelhio de Portimão.

The Concelhia Political Commission is constituted by the young mayor to the Municipal Assembly of Portimão Raquel Bernardino (vice-president), Lara Vicente (secretary-general), having as members Carolina da Purificação, Eduardo Gonçalves, Gonçalo Camacho and Mara Rodrigues. Duarte Santos and Alexandra Correia will be alternate members.

Cremilde Pratas (vice-president), Guilherme Teixeira (secretary) and Lourenço Antão (alternate) will be at the council's plenary table.



The inauguration of the JSD/Portimão municipal bodies took place this Sunday, at the Portimão Museum, with the presence of Tiago Mateus (president of the JSD/Algarve District Political Commission), also Alexandre Poço (president of the National Political Commission of JSD), João Pedro Louro (Secretary-General of the National Political Commission of JSD) and Carlos Gouveia Martins (President of the Political Commission of the PSD/Portimão Section).

Alexandre Poço, National President of the JSD, said he was satisfied with the reactivation of the municipal structure of Portimão, stressing that «it is important for us to grow and to be able to attract more young people to the structure, but above all to civic participation».

Tiago Mateus, president of JSD District of the Algarve, stressed that he hopes that JSD/Portimão will be «the voice of young people with the Party and not the voice of the Party with young people».

Finally, Carlos Gouveia Martins, president of the PSD/Portimão, spoke about “the great happiness of fulfilling a common dream of all militants and sympathizers from Portimão, also based as a pillar of the growth of the Party in Portimão, with the reactivation of the JSD”.

«I will give from myself and from the PSD what the freedom and courage of the JSD need. I know that we will work hard, and well, together to see the PSD be the dominant political force in the municipality of Portimão as soon as possible”, he concluded.