Loulé prepares support for refugees from Ukraine

A mission structure has already been created for this purpose

The Loulé Chamber will “activate measures to support refugees who will arrive in Portugal in the coming days” from Ukraine and has already created a mission structure composed of municipal officials, members of the Ukrainian community in the municipality and representatives of regional, social and religious.

This work is being carried out "in close coordination with the High Commissioner for Migration and the Secretariat of State for Integration and Migration" and aims "not only to welcome and integrate Ukrainian war refugees, guaranteeing aid in areas as diverse as the documentary support, residential care, health care, in articulation with the ABC – Algarve Biomedical Center and private doctors, but also identifying work opportunities, integrating children into schools and kindergartens in the municipality and providing essential goods», according to the Loulé Chamber.

The mission structure that was created today, by order of the Mayor, will serve to «speed up and systematize» the actions to be carried out.

“The invasion of Ukraine is an act of war that seriously jeopardizes peace on the entire European continent and as such must be condemned. The municipality of Loulé joins the universal clamor for an end to hostilities and calls on diplomacy to assert its arguments so that more people do not suffer the horrors associated with military conflicts”, concluded the municipality.