Lagos invests 435 thousand euros in support of cultural associations

Support covers 21 cultural agents

The Lagos Chamber will invest around 435 thousand euros in support to cultural associations in the municipality. 

In total, support covers 21 cultural agents and 75 projects.

This amount invested will allow the associations to « meet the various expenses, also completing this offer with various logistical support of work spaces and also through the availability of its fleet of buses for travel in representations and performances outside the municipality, as well as through a credit for kilometers to be carried out using municipal vehicles (approximately 25 thousand kilometers)», says the Lagos City Council.

The municipality also decided to extend non-financial support to other entities that play an important social and population-aggregating role, such as the parishes of the municipality, the Liga dos Combatentes – Núcleo de Lagos, the Corpo Nacional de Escutas – Agrupamento 173, among others.