Lagoa announces 3rd edition of the Maria Barroso Prize

The prize will have a financial endowment in the amount of 15 thousand euros

The Municipality of Lagoa announced on Tuesday, March 8th, International Women's Day, the 3rd edition of the Maria Barroso Prize, marking this day in a symbolic way and simultaneously announcing an award that, in addition to distinguishing men and women, honors Maria Barroso, a great woman from the Algarve and a citizen of the world.

The 3rd edition of the Maria Barroso Prize was publicly announced at the CCDR in Faro, at a meeting between several municipalities in the Algarve, where issues of gender equality and citizenship were addressed, making the opening of candidacies official until the 30th of November.

The Maria Barroso Prize was established by the Municipality of Lagoa and aims to distinguish relevant contributions from women and men for the construction and valorization of gender equality and proactive citizenship in the contemporary world.


For the 2022/2023 biennium, the Maria Barroso Prize will have a financial allocation of 15 thousand euros. With this award, the Municipality of Lagoa intends to emphasize the role of people, individually or institutionally, who have significantly contributed or contribute to the promotion and implementation of citizenship and non-discrimination practices, giving particular importance to the promotion the equal participation of women and men in the territories and contexts in which they operate.

In this edition, the jury will be composed of Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa, Sandra Ribeiro, president of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, Isabel Barroso Soares, representing the family of Maria Barroso, Anália Torres, full professor of sociology at ISCSP – Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon and founder and coordinator of CIEG – Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies, Clara de Jesus, consultant and expert in Gender Equality, and Virgínia Ferreira, PhD in sociology, assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra (FEUC), permanent researcher at CES, Center for Social Studies and founding member of the Portuguese Association for Studies on Women.

“In Lagoa we work daily to promote gender equality because we believe and defend that men and women should have the same rights. That is why the Maria Barroso Prize distinguishes men and women who have excelled in building equality and promoting and valuing active citizenship”, said the mayor Luís Encarnação.