Infraquinta once again leads the ranking of water distribution efficiency

Indicator is defined by the Regulatory Entity for Water and Waste Services

Infraquinta once again leads nationally, for the sixth consecutive year, in the indicator of unbilled water with a ratio of 3,9%, according to the Annual Report of Water and Waste Services in Portugal (RASARP). 

This indicator, defined by the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste Services, aims to assess the level of economic losses corresponding to water that, despite being collected, treated, transported, stored and distributed, is not billed to users.

In a press release, Infraquinta says that «these results demonstrate the work carried out» by this municipal company, «within the scope of the efficient management of the water resource, only possible through the effective implementation of its strategic plan of environmental responsibility, integrated in the Strategic Council for Adaptation to Climate Change (EMAAC) of the Municipality of Loulé».

«Water losses are one of the main sources of inefficiency of water supply management entities, and for this reason, Infraquinta has implemented over the years a series of processes and procedures that resulted in the leadership of this indicator», he concludes.