There are fewer new cases of Covid-19 than yesterday, patients in intensive care drop

DGS has just announced

Portugal has 8833 more new cases of Covid-19, a significant decrease compared to this Tuesday, and fewer patients in intensive care, according to data from the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health this Wednesday, March 2.

In the Algarve, the 581 reported cases in 24 hours also represent a decrease compared to yesterday, similar to what happens in Alentejo, where 467 were registered.

There were a total of 25 deaths, one of which in the Algarve. In Alentejo there were no fatalities caused by Covid-19.



In hospitals across the country, admissions increased to 1400 (+42). Still, there are six fewer patients in intensive care (-6).

This Wednesday, the number of recoveries is again very low (679), which leads to active cases having increased to 473.541.



The risk matrix was updated today and shows an increase in the transmissibility index R(t), which rose from 0,75 to 76 at national level and from 0,73 to 75, only in mainland Portugal. .

The incidence dropped from 1806,8 to 1638,1 cases of infection per 100 inhabitants, nationwide, and from 1728 to 1557,3 cases, excluding the Autonomous Regions.