AIP Foundation distinguishes Algarve's Vítor Neto as honorary president of BTL

Recognition for the entrepreneur, association leader, former Secretary of State and analyst

Vítor Neto with Commander Rocha de Matos, president of the Foundation

The AIP Foundation, the promoter of BTL – Lisbon Tourism Board, decided to award the distinction of Honorary President of BTL to the Algarve businessman Vitor Neto for his contribution over the last few years as chairman of the Strategic Council of this event.

“BTL will thus continue to rely on the recognized expertise of Dr. Vitor Neto on the tourism sector, his ability to analyze problems and also to present solutions, as well as his contribution to the creation of a vision of the future for the national tourism sector», highlights the AIP Foundation in a press release.

In addition to all this, there is also the vast experience that Vitor Neto has accumulated as a businessman and manager, as an association leader (President of NERA - Associação Empresarial do Algarve, Vice-President of AIP-CCI and Member of the Board of CIP-CEP), as Secretary of State for Tourism (1997 and 2002) and above all as the author of studies and publications on the subject of tourism, and «which give him a place among the greatest Portuguese specialists on this subject».